European Computer Driving Licence - ECDL

Partner The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg's government &
Association of Engineers Architects Scientists Industrials (da Vinci a.s.b.l)
Duration 45 minutes maximum per module / test
Next session Continuous test sessions (during the day and the evenings)

Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center (LLLC)
2 – 4 rue Pierre Hentges
L-1726 Luxembourg

Evaluation Method Practical computer-based tests
language English, French, German (a choice)
certifications ECDL Base - upon successfully passing the four basic modules
ECDL Standard - upon successfully passing the four basic modules + 3 standard modules (to be chosen from a selection of 5 available tests)
ECDL Expert - upon successfully passing 3 advanced modules (to be chosen from a selection of 4 available tests)
ECDL PROFILE -upon successfully passing 4 module of your choice (Base, Standard, Advanced)

20 €/Test (maximum 4 tests/session)
Choice of tests/modules and the language at the beginning of each session

Test preparation:
20 € per Module Adaptive Learning Tool
12 € per Diagnostic Test
50 € for the e-learning (ECDL Base)

What is the ECDL?

The ECDL (European Computer Driving License) is an internationally recognized certification documenting practical competencies in the use of the most common IT applications. Currently, 13 ECDL modules and 4 certificates, covering modern requirements with regards to IT knowledge, are available.

The ECDL is aimed at all computer users: employees, students, the unemployed and pensioners. The certificate allows them to evaluate and validate their IT competencies. In addition, the tests can serve as a guideline for computer literacy in order to improve the prerequisites for further education.

With the ECDL certificates, companies and organizations guarantee their staff have a solid knowledge in the daily use of the most common Office programs, operating systems and internet applications.

Over 15 million people in 148 countries have already taken part in the ECDL certification program.


The Chamber of employees (Chambre des salariés) organize the ECDL in Luxembourg in agreement with the Luxembourgish Association of Engineers, Architects, Scientists and Industrials (da Vinci). The main objective is to promote digital literacy by professionalizing the users of these specific tools.

The ECDL certifications


The ECDL certificates prove knowledge in using various computer programs confidently and efficiently. Based on personal needs, you can choose which skills you would like to have certified. The LLLC currently offers 13 modules. ECDL PROFILE certification gives you maximum flexibility to stick to your needs. You can choose from the full range of available modules and create your certification (at least 4 modules).

ECDL PROFILE for maximum flexibility and paste or closer to the internal needs of your business, you can choose from the full range of available modules and create your certification (min. 4 modules).

* This module/ certificate was developed by the Austrian Computer Society and is endorsed by the ECDL Foundation.

The ECDL tests (Demo version)

The ECDL tests (Demo Version)

The main strength of the ECDL tests resides in their practical relevance: the problems to be resolved during the different module tasks are carried out within the chosen application and all correct solutions are accepted. The help function or Internet search engines can be used to finalize the required tasks. A certain amount of theoretical learning content is tested by multiple-choice questions (for instance in the IT security module).

  • One test for each module
  • The maximum duration for one test is 45 minutes
  • The test outcome is considered successful if the candidate has obtained a result of at least 75%
  • Test questions are either in English, in French or in German (language to be chosen by the candidate)
  • Tests leading to a certification take place at the LLLC, a certified ECDL test center, and are supervised by an ECDL examiner

DEMO version

To get a precise idea of these certification tests, please click on the link below and respond to the different types of questions (multiple choice questions, real-life situations, …)

  • For Windows Computer Users
  1. Click Demo (save and run the Sophia application)
  2. Choose the desired language (top right)
  3. Choose "Assessment test" and type the access code demolux1 then "continue"
  4. Double click on "Demo assessment" or click on "Demo assessment" and then "OK"
  5. Start the test
  • For Macintosh Computer Users
  1. Click Demo (save the Zip file, unpack it and start the Sophia application)
  2. If the application generate the message (“Sophia” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer), go to the System Preferences than Security & Privacy and authorize Sophia
  3. Choose the desired language (top right)
  4. Click on "Assessment test" and enter the following access code : demolux1
  5. Double click on "Demo assessment" or click on "Demo assessment" and then "OK"
  6. Start the test

How to prepare the ECDL certification tests (Adaptive Learning Tool/ e-Learning / diagnostic)

The test preparation is usually very individual as the knowledge can be acquire through different ways:


The exam preparation for the different tests is completely individual. You can acquire the necessary knowledge in self-study. The ECDL syllabus as well as test contents of the different ECDL modules can be found and downloaded under the section "Modules and test content description (Syllabus)". For free


The LLLC offers a new innovative tool, giving candidates the ability to personalize and enhance their competencies. The Adaptive Learning Tool completely redefines the e-learning approach. After an initial review of the competencies, the tool automatically creates an individually tailored learning platform based on defined deficits. The concept is based on "learning by doing" and is designed to capture the needs of each individual in order to achieve the most possible improvement of competencies required for the test. 20€/module ALT

More information and enrollment for the Adaptive Learning Tool


The LLLC also offers e-learning support materials (Web Based Training). These consist of e-learning training that has been conceived and approved by the ECDL foundation to prepare candidates to pass the ECDL Base certifications. Total cost 50€ (access during 1 year)

More information and enrollment for e-learning ECDL


Diagnostic tests cover all test contents and provide a detailed assessment inclusive a solution for the wrongly solved tasks. This will allow candidates to familiarize themselves with the tests, to get a good overview of their current knowledge, and to know if they are ready for the certification exam. There is no time limit for diagnostic tests and the test can be interrupted as often as you like. 12€/ test Diagnostic

More information and registration for the diagnostic test

Module and test content descriptions

Description of modules

Base Modules Description
Computer Essentials This module covers the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for using computers and mobile devices, for creating and managing files, for dealing with networks, and ensuring data security.
Online Essentials This module covers the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary for browsing the web, finding information efficiently, online communication, and email use.
Word Processing This module covers skills concerning the use of word processing, e.g. writing letters, formatting, editing document page settings, inserting a table or using spell check.
Spreadsheets This module covers skills such as creating charts, using and applying mathematical and logical formulas, sorting data, and entering data in cells.

Content covered by the tests - Syllabus ECDL Base................

Standard Modules Description
Using Databases This module covers fundamental knowledge regarding the structure and management of databases.
Presentation This module covers the proficient use of a presentation programme, e.g. how to enter a well-structured text in slides, create a presentation with a consistent slide design and animation effects or how to print handouts.
Online Collaboration This module covers best practice regarding social media, online meetings, online learning platforms and mobile devices.
IT Security Ce module fournit des connaissances élémentaires sur la sécurité dans l’utilisation des TIC au quotidien. Cela inclut la connexion sécurisée à un réseau, la sécurité sur Internet et la sécurisation des données et des informations.
Image Editing This module covers the practical application of an image editing programme to improve, edit and print digital photos as well as publish them online. Additionally, this module conveys an understanding of the main concepts of digital image editing.

Content covered by the tests- Syllabus ECDL Standard.........

Advanced Modules Description
Word Processing This module covers skills needed for the professional use of a word processing programme, e.g. using fields, forms and templates.
Spreadsheets This module covers advanced spreadsheet skills, e.g. the analysis of data in tables, conditional formatting and custom number formats.
Database This module covers the key database concepts necessary to understand a relational database and use an appropriate application to create an advanced database structure and outputs.
Presentation This module covers advanced skills such as inserting movies and sounds, linking and embedding data into a slide and creating presentations for specific target audiences.

Content covered by the tests - Syllabus ECDL Advanced........

The advantages of the ECDL

For shared calendars, online meetings, presentations, well-laid-out spreadsheets, and well-edited documents in virtually every area, the computer is one of the most important tools of a company's employees. How well people can handle this is therefore a crucial factor for the efficiency and quality in the organization of the different companies. Good computer handling not only increases individual productivity but also the company's productivity, as proven by various scientific studies.


  • They prove their knowledge of a safe and efficient use of the various computer applications with the ECDL
  • Their curriculum vitae will be upgraded with the proof of knowledge
  • ...


  • Increases their chances of being hired or re-entering professional life
  • It’s a proof of their knowledge of using various computer applications that are required on the job market today
  • ...


  • These certificates help them to assess the knowledge of their employees individually and objectively
  • It is a good way of assessing the skills of its employees as part of a training plan
  • Provides accurate measurement of benefits for investment in education
  • ...


  • Improves their chances for entry into the professional life
  • Is an internationally recognized certificate
  • ...

Terms and conditions of participation


You can register online at or fill in the registration form and deliver it in person or send it by mail, fax or email to the LLLC, no later than 14 calendar days prior to the beginning of the test session. Exam registrations must be received by the LLLC no later than one month prior to the exam date. Registration requests shall be processed within one week following reception.

To register online, you must set up a user account with the LLLC. By doing so, you acknowledge and accept the general terms and conditions of participation.


Registering for a ECDL test or a test preparation commits you to the immediate payment of registration fees by credit card, Digicash or bank transfer. If you register during the 14 days prior to the start date, you agree that the session takes place before the expiry of your withdrawal period.

If you fail to pay registration fees, you are not authorized to attend classes or the test session and you are not entitled to receive certificates or written communications relating to the certification. The Chambre des salariés will take legal action to recover registration fees, including attachment of earnings with damages and interest.


The LLLC reserves the right to cancel a session or to change the date on the grounds of low registrations, force majeure, unavailability of instructors or on any other grounds. In this case, registration fees paid will be reimbursed and you will be notified as soon as possible.


All course withdrawals must be notified in writing to the LLLC. You may withdraw from a course without penalty within 14 days of registration (withdrawal period).

After this period, the LLLC reserves the right to charge a cancellation fee as follows:

  • 8€/test, if withdrawal is notified less than 14 calendar days prior to the beginning of the test session
  • the entire registration fee, if withdrawal is notified on or after the course start date

In exceptional and duly justified cases (serious illness, accident, etc.), the LLLC may fully reimburse registration fees even if the withdrawal notification is received less than 14 days prior to the beginning of the course or after the course start date. Decisions taken by the LLLC in this matter are discretionary.


To pass a module, you must obtain a result of at least 75%. If you have successfully passed the requested tests, you will be awarded a certificate “ECDL – BASE, STANDARD, EXPERT or PROFILE”.


By signing the general terms and conditions of participation, you authorize the LLLC to submit your exam results to your employer, upon his/her request, if he/she has paid registration fees for you or if the course is part of a training plan.


Please take note of all your rights regarding the protection of your personal data on


By accepting these terms and conditions, you authorize the CSL to publish pictures in which you can be personally identified (mostly during our graduation ceremonies) on the CSL and LLLC websites, on social networks used by the CSL as well as in other publications of the CSL.


Réf. Horaire Début Lieu Prix Jour Semestre S'inscrire
ECDL 17:30 - 20:30 21 oct. 2019 Luxembourg 20 € lu 2019
ECDL 14:00 - 17:30 12 nov. 2019 Luxembourg 20 € ma 2019
ECDL 17:30 - 20:30 26 nov. 2019 Luxembourg 20 € ma 2019
ECDL 14:00 - 17:30 2 déc. 2019 Luxembourg 20 € lu 2019
ECDL 17:30 - 20:30 2 déc. 2019 Luxembourg 20 € lu 2019
ECDL 13:30 - 17:30 7 janv. 2020 Luxembourg 20 € ma 2020
ECDL 17:30 - 20:30 21 janv. 2020 Luxembourg 20 € ma 2020
ECDL 13:30 - 17:30 4 févr. 2020 Luxembourg 20 € ma 2020
ECDL 17:30 - 20:30 18 févr. 2020 Luxembourg 20 € ma 2020